Benefits Of Winter Trail Riding

While many mountainbike riders hibernate to the confines of their basement trainers and spin studios, I like to mix it up and get the Bikenxs riders out to take advantage of optimal snow trail riding opportunities when conditions are ideal.  Over the last several weeks the trails of Durham Forest and Walker Woods have became frozen and hard packed offering the ideal chance to experience a snow trail ride. Here are a few benefits to braving the cold and snow for the occassional winter trail ride:

1. Improve Your Balance And Learn To Fall!

Riding hard snow on narrow cross county ski packed, or snowshoe trampled trails, allows cyclists the ability to work on balance and smooth cadence to maintain traction. Veering off the hard pack into the soft snow introduces the classic endo where your front wheel actually stops dead in the snow, a safe way to work on falling off your bike and landing on snow as opposed to hard ground!

2014-01-15 05.40.58 pm
Liam following an snow endo!

2. Perfect Your Climbing And Downhill Techniques

Climbing snowy hills requires riders to use an easy gear and keep that rear wheel traction, similar to attempting a muddy trail climb.  Downhills help riders accentuate the “attack position” where you bring your hips back behind the seat and stretch out your arms, minimizing weight on the front tire to reduce the chance of a “snow endo”.

2014-01-15 05.40.22 pm
An awesome winter trail ride in Walker Woods!

The best part of experiencing snow trail riding is that it allows us mountain bike addicts an escape back to the forests and trails that we long for. So scout your local trail conditions to make sure the snow is not too soft (or icy), and take your next training session to the snowy trails! Be careful out there!

Do what you love, Love what you do!

Iceman (aka Eric)